The Loudest Silence: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel

The Loudest Silence: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel

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From the author of the Amazon bestselling Broken World series, comes an exciting new Zombie Apocalypse series...

When Regan was a young girl living in the small town of Altus, OK, Kellan was just her brother's best friend. Then the virus came, turning the world's population into zombies, and he became so much more. They were only kids, but he saved her. Watched over her. Kept her alive. And he's been doing the same thing every day since.

After living the apocalypse for nine years, Regan thought they'd experienced every kind of loss and terror imaginable. But when a new group starts wreaking havoc in the Oklahoma wastelands where they live, Regan and Kellan are faced with a new set of horrors.

When they cross paths with a teenage girl, offering to help seems like the right thing to do. But Regan and Kellan soon discover that lending aid to the girl very well could lead to their undoing.

Release date: July 23, 2018

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Print pages: 298

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The Loudest Silence: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novel
Kate L. Mary
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Behind the book

When I first started plotting this book, I knew I needed to come up with a unique location for the setting, and my mind immediately went to Oklahoma. Altus, OK is a real city and all the businesses and street names I used in this book actually exist. My family lived in Altus from February 2014 to November 2016, and while we were there, we got to experience the tail end of the severe drought, as well as the following “monsoon” firsthand, along with many of the other things I described in this book. And whether or not they are now luxury shelters for the apocalypse is a mystery that may never be solved, but there are even old Atlas missile silos in the area—I checked when we moved there since I was just getting ready to release Broken World. The Rattlesnake Derby, Walkin’ On Chalk event, Chili Cook Off, and everything else I talked about are real, as are the two donut shops that sit right across from one another, and the restaurant and bar, Val’s—we actually bought the owner’s house when we moved to Altus in 2014. The gypsum cave Kellan and Regan take shelter in is real as well, and yes, I have been there. When my brother came to visit in 2014 we took the kids out to the Mangum fire station—where you can also see the world’s second oldest working light bulb—and asked for directions. After driving out into the country for so long, we ended up on dirt roads. We were able to find a few entrances to the caves and did some exploring. It was an amazing experience that I knew I needed to add to this book. If you live in Altus and want to check it out, I suggest heading to the fire station in Mangum. 

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