Beyond The Wall: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

Beyond The Wall: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel

Book 1: The Beyond
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"As with all Kate L Mary books, the story sucks you in and leaves you wanting more at the end!"
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"Kate brings us a fantastic new start to a new series. She builds compelling worlds and complex characters."
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In the Society, everyone is happy.

Drea Young has grown up living in the shadow of the wall. Not only does she know there's nothing left beyond it, but she also knows that it's there to protect the citizens of the United Society of the Reestablishment. That doesn't stop her from feeling trapped, though. Why? Everything in her world is perfect. There's no more struggle, no war or crime, no conflict.

No choice.

Drea has always thought she was alone in her blasphemous thoughts, but then she gets to know Jerrick Carter and realizes she couldn't be more wrong. Quiet and Brooding - and incredibly gorgeous - Jerrick helps her understand not just the world around her, but herself as well, and the more Drea learns about the Society, the more desperate she becomes to break free.

But after a lifetime of being controlled, she isn't sure if she's strong enough to leave everything she knows and loves behind...

Release date: April 22, 2021

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Print pages: 367

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Behind the book

If you’ve been one of my readers for a while, you know I have a lot of books out – forty-five full length novels and novellas, to be exact – so you might be surprised to learn that this is the first book I wrote. Back in 2012, my family was living in California, and while my husband was away for some training, I wrote this book. I’d started a lot of things over the years, but they usually fizzled out after a few chapters and I lost interest, so I was excited to finally write a book beginning to end. This was definitely the start of my career, even if things didn’t pan out exactly how I’d imagined.

Why haven’t I published it before now? I’ll try to explain. 

I remember reading a blog post or article about authors – and aspiring authors – during this time and learning that most authors never publish their first work because it ends up being too much of mess. Since I considered this book to be amazing, I thought that concept was ridiculous. No way would I keep this book to myself. The world deserved to read it. 

Fast forward a little. I’d written a few more books, found some great critique partners, and had received feedback from agents. Suddenly, I understood. While I loved the story and characters, this novel was in no way polished enough to publish. I revised, edited, tried to fix some plot issues, but I could never quite get to a point where I was happy with it. Other ideas would distract me, so I’d put the manuscript aside for a bit. I’d go back to it from time to time in hopes of fixing it. The whole thing repeating itself for years. Here’s the thing. Writing a book correctly the first time is way easier than fixing an entire novel that has multiple plot issues and poor writing. The whole thing overwhelmed me every time I tried, which is I always ended up shelving it again. 

There’s another thing about this story. When I wrote it, dystopian fiction was at the height of its popularity, and I’d read so many young adult books in the genre that there’s no way it didn’t influence this story. Reading it again after several years, the mishmash of various books I read back then is obvious. None of it is so big that anyone would accuse me of plagiarism – and I tried to remember all of the books so I could mention them in the acknowledgments – but it’s clear I was new to world building when I wrote this. Honestly, despite my recent revisions and editing, this book is not the best example of my world building skills. There are some points that still bother me and some things that seem a bit off with the world I created, but I’ve done my best to polish it while keeping the main story and characters I created in 2012 intact. 

I say all this as a disclaimer. 

I love this book, but it’s not as good as my other work, so keep that in mind.  

Despite that, I think most people will enjoy it. At least I hope so, anyway. Regardless, I’m glad I finally took the time to polish it, and the second book won’t be far behind since I wrote that in 2012 as well. Book three was in progress back then and still needs to be finished, but I’ll do my best to get all three out back-to-back. 

Thanks for giving this book a shot.


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