The Fourth Power

The Fourth Power

Book 3: Order of Magic
In the past, Heather’s used her gift to help her two best friends. The time has come for her besties to return
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5 Stars! "You will laugh, cry and be happy for everyone in this book by the end. I am excited there will be more books in this series."

5 Stars! "My heart broke for Heather in the other two books and I wasn't quite sure how Michelle was going to bring her story to life. She did an amazing job bringing depth to these characters that makes you feel their pain along with them."
5 Stars! "It was fun, it was sweet, it was emotional... and CAKE!"

Caroline Paquin
Caros Reads
5 Stars! "Parts were laugh out loud funny and parts were heartbreaking. But nothing beats a person going through the own personal hell and coming out the other side in peace! Best book in the series... best book I've read lately!"
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Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance from NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow!

Heather Harrison sees ghosts. It's not something she brags about. In fact, she wished she didn't. Communicating (or not communicating) with the dead only leads to heartache, and for her it led to a divorce. For the most part, she's happy being single. She's got a good business, close friends, and a slightly overprotective brother. What more does a forty-something woman need?

When her two best friends beg her for help in contacting loved ones, against her better judgment she can't say no to the séance. But some gateways shouldn't be opened, and some meddling spirits shouldn’t be stirred…like that of her Grandma who insists she's "found her a nice man".

The supernaturals have come out to play and it's up to this amateur medium to protect herself and her friends before the danger they summoned comes to bite them in the backside.


Release date: April 28, 2020

Publisher: The Raven Books LLC

Print pages: 300

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Behind the book

Older women kick ass. They know things. They've been there. They are worthy of their own literature category. They stopped giving a fuck. They also have their own set of issues that they face--empty nests, widows, divorce, menopause, health, etc--and these issues deserve to be addressed and embraced in literature.

Women friendships matter. Women matter. Our thoughts and feelings matter.

Growing older is a real part of life. No need to hide in the shadows. 

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