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Candace Sams has produced another outstanding book in the `Tales of the Order' series. The Craftsman continues where Goblin Moon left off as Gawain O'Malley is trying to put his life back together after the loss of his friends and right hand in a tragic kiln fire. A fire he believes he is responsible for.
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The wonderful "Tales of the Order" by Candace Sams has another great addition. I have loved every one of these books and look forward to many more.
Elaine C McTyer
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I have waited a long time to see the next Tales of the Order book in print and it was definitely worth the wait! THE CRAFTSMAN picks up right where GOBLIN'S MOON left off but can be read as a stand alone novel.
Deborah Wiley
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As a member of an Order of mystic creatures who are hiding from mankind, Gawain O'Malley's artwork is the main means of financial support.

Mankind moves closer to discovering the Order's existence every year. It's Gawain's artwork that provides food, education, and medical support for all his beloved people including his own parents and siblings.

When someone not only destroys his art in a fire but causes him to lose his hand...in one night...revenge is all Gawain can think about. It consumes him to the exclusion of all else. Worse, he is certain that it was no human from the outside world who committed this act of horror.

That fire was set by a few calculating and hidden saboteurs from within the ranks of the Order.

Whoever these traitors are, they have not only taken away the biggest source of funding for his hidden society, but they have murdered their own kind in the process of stealing.

With limited resources and emotionally injured beyond belief, Gawain is forced to now create an entirely new inventory of magnificent art to sell. And he must do so in a very short time. Even as his will to create has been utterly destroyed.

But there is a cost to revenge.

Finding who started that fire and killed his friends is all that matters to Gawain. Even the love of a gentle and beautiful little brownie won't get in his way.

In a tale of fantasy, theft, murder, mystery, intrigue, romance and suspense, there can be only one outcome. Revenge. And revenge is sweetest when delivered by the one person who can save all the magic that is left on Earth ─ The Craftsman.

Rating: PG limited sexual content; for general audiences
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Action Adventure
Length: A full length novel complete with maps, charts and a Tales of The Order ™ glossary!

Release date: February 12, 2021

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 356

Content advisory: Some sexual content. Rated PG

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Behind the book

Anyone who loves magic will enjoy the Tales of The Order series.

In The Craftsman - the fifth 'Tale' - mythic creatures hiding in our world are threatened from within. Their only means of financial support has been destroyed in an act of sabotage. Gawain O'Malley must not only recreate all the lost artwork but discover who destroyed it in a fire that was deliberately set. If magic is to continue in our world, it's now up to Gawain to protect it.  

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