The Age of Hysteria

The Age of Hysteria

Ryan Schow Founding author
Fire and Ice will tear the world apart to get what’s theirs, but will that be enough? And what about Rock?
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Locked down on the outskirts of the emerging Chicago wasteland, a more nefarious conflict is brewing, one between Fire Dimas and a ruthless human trafficker with an axe to grind. In the high-stakes game of kidnappers and assassins, Fire and his brother, Ice, will tear the world apart to get what’s theirs, but will that be enough? And what about Rock?

Pinned down in a hot zone with a woman he’s not even sure he likes, Roque “Rock” Dimas is herded into the fiery center of an extinction-level event where only two choices exist: run for your life, or burrow in to the last place anyone sane would go and confront the enemy directly. The problem is, one man against a multitude of threats just isn’t enough…

Welcome to the next evolution of high-octane, post-apocalyptic survival fiction! The Age of Hysteria is filled with fully-developed characters you’ll love and want to know, big post-apocalyptic action, a splash of humor and the kind of nail-biting suspense that rarely lets up.


  • Age of Embers
  • Age of Hysteria
  • Age of Reprisal
  • Age of Exodus
  • Age of Defiance

Release date: April 10, 2019

Publisher: River City Publishing

Print pages: 328

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