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The Age of Embers

Ryan Schow Founding author
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From Book 1:

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the highly acclaimed Last War series and the Dark Days of the After series brings you a compelling new tale of the apocalypse. 

When a sudden, unexplained spasm of violence rocks the country from coast to coast, when our military is hijacked and the new POTUS is MIA, the survivors of a vicious EMP attack will be left to wonder if this is the start of a new world war, or the last chapter of humanity itself.

Burned out DEA agent, Fiyero Dimas, is drowning in problems: an unrelenting job, a difficult marriage and a teenage daughter with suitors of the worst kind. Then there’s the cartel he just double-crossed and the “incident” at the high school. To say he’s in way over his head is the understatement of the century.  And that’s before society tunneled into ruin.

Eliana Gutierrez’s niece is stolen by the Guatemalan cartel and swallowed into the dark world of human trafficking. Eliana must use the deadly trafficking lines to trek up through Mexico and into America in search of the only person she ever really loved. Under the cover of a post-apocalyptic nightmare, Eliana will risk life and limb for the child, but will it be enough?

The Age of Embers is a post-apocalyptic survival series written inside the universe of the best-selling The Last War series. This high-octane, edge-of-your-seat thriller chronicles the harrowing journey of ordinary people trapped in an encroaching dark age. 

NOTE: Although this series has very little swearing, some scenes contain the kind of brutality one might experience in the world of human trafficking, or a post-apocalyptic nightmare.


“Epic apocalyptic read with compelling characters! Ryan knows how to write action and suspense. But where he truly shines is the flawed, complex, broken but resolute heroes and heroines he creates. These characters are embroiled in deep, high-stakes problems before the apocalypse even starts. How their journeys entwine with the oncoming, world-ending disaster makes for great fiction.”

– Kyla Stone – USA Today Bestselling Author of Edge of Collapse ★★★★★

“Non-stop action of the direst kind. If you have to go to work tomorrow, don't pick this book up. You will regret it. It is beyond gritty and showcases the lengths of violence and depravity man is capable of. The attention to detail in the scene descriptions is stunning. If you like a hard hitting crime novel, mixed in with an apocalyptic scenario, this is it!”

 – Kindle CustomerAmazon Reviewer ★★★★★

 “Starts fast and doesn't let up to the last sentence! This grittier, meaner series has upped the ante! Awesome story! Can't recommend it enough! ”

– Robert V, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

“This book is amazing for all the right reasons! The characters are just like us; they have issues that they

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