Book 4: Swann Series
Ryan Schow Founding author
Death is only the beginning.
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Rebecca is gone and Abby is in full-blown beast mode. Abby’s got broad shoulders and a taste for pain, so in addition to hunting down the murderous Dr. Heim, Abby’s learning to fight from a man determined to break her will and her body. Unbeknownst to her, Monarch Enterprises has dispatched the young assassin, Delta 1A, but he’s lost his mind. Not only is his system unstable, his savage nature now has him targeting innocents as well.


He who stays in Vegas, lays in Vegas…

As Brayden delves into the slick and slippery Vegas nightlife, his and Abby’s friendship is tunneling into crisis. The two almost-lovers were ripped apart, then driven back together in the midst of a merciless attack. With calamity bringing them closer than ever, both as friends and potentially more, startling revelations unfold about the two of them and the kind of intimacy and brutality they are capable of together.


NOTE: The individual eBooks in this series will no longer be available in Kindle Unlimited. However, there are three box sets (containing three books each) and they are in Kindle Unlimited. You can find these books on my author page.  Simply click or tap the highlighted link to my name (found either under the title of this book, or under the cover image of the book), and you will go to my full catalogue. This series is listed as Swann Series: Books 1 – 3, Swann Series: Books 4 – 6 and Swann Series: Books 7 – 9. Here you will either be able to read the entire Swann Series for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, or you will be able to purchase the bundled books at a substantial discount!



This series, man...I love these books!!! The stories are fascinating! Makes you wonder...could it really be possible? You can really see Savannah's strength in this one! She's such a badass!!!”

– freshstart86221, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★


Twisted...but in a fun way! Boy oh boy this series gets more and more complex and twisted with every book. Once again the thrill has ratcheted up. Strong writing and pure energetic fun.”

– The Mysterious Amazon Customer, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★



Q: Why should readers try this series?

A: This bold new series starts out looking at the life of a regular(ish) teen girl who’s bullied at the hands of her mother, the paparazzi and her fellow students. But what happens over this nine book series is this unfortunate girl becomes the most badass girl in all of history. Most readers will appreciate this series because there is literally nothing like it out there right now, which makes the Swann series feel fresh and yes, highly addictive.


Q: What kind of series is this?

A: Swann and Monarch (books one and two) are both human stories steeped in high school angst, bullies, difficult parents and the twisted effects of human genetic modification. The third book, Clone, kicks this world wide open, unleashing a rapidly evolving world of urban fantasy.  By the ninth and final book in this series, urban fantasy will have become dark fantasy, but by then you’ll be so hooked that nothing else will matter (the author says with a Cheshire cat-like grin).


Q: Are there adult themes in this series?

A: Yes. To stay authentic to the YA world, and to most of today’s teens, there is some strong language, violence and adult situations. I personally feel this series should be enjoyed by ages 15 and above.

Release date: June 29, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 356

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