Population Zero: Book 1: A Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Thriller

Population Zero: Book 1: A Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Thriller

Ryan Schow Founding author
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An elite group of billionaire sociopaths is unleashing a cyber attack on America. They intend to break the nation. The goal is depopulation. They have now gone from beta-testing to fully operational, and the world will never be the same.

Welcome to the apocalypse...

USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Amazon All-Star Award Winner, and Top 10 Sci-Fi writer, Ryan Schow, presents a powerful new series that will hold you captive well into the night! *New Release Sale...Only $2.99 until 08.09.21!


Population Zero is not just a weapon. It is the objective.  


When internet talk-show sensation, Slater Corrigan, finds himself on a collision course with The Aatrox Group, he realizes that the nation is in grave danger.  Even though this isn't the first time Slater has played chicken with psychopaths, he has never met a monster quite like Johan Schwein for a man this vile tends to keep to the shadows.


Until now...


As Slater, his brother Scout, and the Italian firecracker, Gabriella Esposito, learn about the might and power of Population Zero, they are left to wonder, is this the mother of all cyber attacks, or is the population of America about to be culled?


As the power grid fails and the very fabric of society begins to unravel, a mixed group of survivors will attempt to both solve and rectify a murder while navigating through a lawless, apocalyptic landscape in search of safety and answers. But can they endure a world pitched into darkness and chaos?  Will those they love most survive the fall?  And what kind of a war will they incite when sorrow turns to revenge?  


Find out these answers and more in book one of the explosive new trilogy that early readers are calling, “Ryan's most prolific work to date!” and “An astounding effort that succeeds on every level.”


If you are hungry for high-concept fiction that weaves current events into a breathtaking, edge-of-your-seat romp, you will love this brand new post-apocalyptic techno-thriller from one of today's most exciting writers.


As with all of Schow's books—his thrillers (writing as R.B. Schow) and his post-apocalyptic fiction (as Ryan Schow), Population Zero showcases the importance of family, the strength of community, and the courage of those brave souls willing to stand and bleed before an enemy hell-bent on their destruction and the destruction of America. 



Release date: July 19, 2021

Publisher: River City Publishing

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Population Zero: Book 1: A Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Thriller
Ryan Schow
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