That Ring

That Ring

Book 5: That Boy
Jillian Dodd Founding author
Will I fumble my love life again? Or will I make the kind of play that will get me another ring?
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I first met the gorgeous Jennifer Edwards at a party some fifteen years ago. She was funny and silly and adorable. 

We had a crazy, instant connection.

But then she kissed me. 

And I did what I had to do—stopped it immediately because I was married.

In her tipsy state, she replied with something like, “Don’t promise me forever, just promise me tonight.”

And after a kiss like that, who could blame me if I kissed her?

Clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight because I would never cheat on my wife. But in that moment, I was tempted.

She thought maybe we could be friends instead, but I couldn’t. I was a hotshot rookie quarterback with a wife and a new baby. 

I was living my dream. No way was I going to screw that up. 

But now, my life is anything but perfect. Sure, I’ve got two championship rings, and I am gearing up for what could be the best season of my life, but my wife recently moved in with her lover, and I’m fighting for custody of our children.


And that brings me to where I am now—looking down at the milk I spilled when I saw Jennifer standing in my best friend’s house.


I have no idea why she is here … or if she’d be willing to give me another chance.

Will I fumble my love life again?

Or will I make the kind of play that will get me another ring?

Release date: November 26, 2019

Publisher: Swoonworthy Books

Print pages: 316

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That Ring
Jillian Dodd
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June 15, 2020
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