That Summer: A Small Town, Friends-to-lovers Romance

That Summer: A Small Town, Friends-to-lovers Romance

Book 6: That Boy
Jillian Dodd Founding author
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That Summer is the first book featuring the next generation of Mackenzie and Diamond families and is a great jumping off point for new readers to the series.


That summer you realize your best friend has gotten really hot.

Devaney Diamond’s summer break was shaping up to be the best one ever. Her longtime crush was finally interested in her, and by the time school rolled around in the fall, she knew he’d be her boyfriend.



Just when their relationship is getting started, she finds out that she’s leaving on a three-week vacation to the Ozarks for some “good old-fashioned fun” with three generations of the Diamond and Mackenzie families. She’s not thrilled about being gone for that long, but she is looking forward to spending time doing nothing but getting a killer tan, finally learning to slalom ski, and hanging out with her best friend.


She and Chase have always been close. He’s cute and sweet. Smart and responsible. He’s always there when she needs him. She loves him dearly, and if it wasn’t for their age, things might be different between them.

But when Chase returns home from football camp with new muscles and a new attitude, she realizes something.

Chase Mackenzie has gotten hot.

And he doesn’t look like her little brother’s best friend anymore.


Will this be the summer that Devaney and Chase fall in love, or will it be the summer that everything falls apart?

Either way, it will be the summer that changes everything.


Set in a small Midwestern town, you'll fall in love with Mackenzie and Diamond families, feel their heartbreaks and happiness, and will be cheering for them like your favorite college football team.

Release date: November 24, 2020

Publisher: Swoonworthy Books

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That Summer: A Small Town, Friends-to-lovers Romance
Jillian Dodd
Maren McGuire
8 hours 52 minutes
December 2, 2020
Jillian Dodd Inc.




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