Sweet Tea B&B

Sweet Tea B&B

Book 1: Sweet Tea B&B
Rachel Hanna Founding author
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Sometimes, family comes in unexpected ways... Mia Carter's life has always been about her family and their charming bed and breakfast in the idyllic Blue Ridge Mountains. When her mother passes away, Mia is left to run the Sweet Tea B&B alone. But a routine DNA test changes everything. Mia discovers she has a sister named Kate, who lives in Rhode Island. The sisters meet for the first time at the will reading and are shocked to learn that their mother's final wish was for them to run the B&B together. As Mia and Kate try to honor their mother's wish and work together to run the Sweet Tea B&B, they find themselves navigating the challenges of family, business, and love. Mia rekindles her relationship with her high school sweetheart, while Kate falls for a charismatic local man. But when they discover he was Mia's high school bully, their newfound harmony is threatened. As Mia and Kate work to overcome their differences and build a future together, they must also deal with an unruly teenage niece, who has a knack for causing chaos. Through it all, they learn about the power of forgiveness, the strength of family bonds, and the sweetness of second chances. Set in a charming small town and filled with heartwarming moments of love and friendship, The Sweet Tea B&B series is a clean and romantic women's fiction that will leave you yearning to stay at this cozy B&B in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Release date: March 10, 2020

Publisher: Independently published

Print pages: 158

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