Species Traitor: A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel

Species Traitor: A Science Fiction Dystopian Novel

Book 1: Species Traitor
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2021 RONE Awards Nominee for Time Travel/Science Fiction

My name is Ava Mendoza, and I am a species traitor.

They came hoping to find a new home after their own planet was destroyed, but Earth was dying as well, and most humans saw their arrival as an invasion. Now, two decades later, the Veilorians have been banished to the District, a fenced-in area on the outskirts of the last known livable land on Earth. Most people do their best to pretend they don't exist, but not everyone. There are humans, like my cousin, who see them for what they are. Despite the threat of disownment, she married a Veilorian, and now she, too, lives in the District.

Even before I met Finn, I was determined to stand up for what was right, but from the moment I laid eyes on him, we had a connection I've never experienced before. But with the election of a new and radical mayor on the horizon, tensions are high, and people are calling for change. They want to make my cousin's marriage illegal and punish any human who goes into the District, but I refuse to back down from this fight. No matter the cost.

Release date: March 6, 2020

Publisher: Twisted Press, LLC

Print pages: 376

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Behind the book

I was trying to decide what to write next, so I posted the first chapter of several projects I’d started and never completed in my Facebook reader group, allowing fans a chance to read them and vote on what they wanted me to pursue next. This was one of them. It wasn’t the winner, but it was a close second and ended up being what I was able to concentrate on the longest. I had the idea for this book years ago, and it’s probably been years since I wrote the first chapter – which wasn’t the prologue – but as usual, I only had a vague idea about where I wanted the story to go. Back then, I had given it the tentative title of The Bird and the Fish and had intended it to be more of a Romeo and Juliet type story. Things change, though, and when I started working on it last fall, it developed into a much more complicated story. And I’m glad.

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