Shadow's Dream: Kyn Kronicles Book 5

Shadow's Dream: Kyn Kronicles Book 5

Book 5: Kyn Kronicles
Bitter betrayals and hidden truths forge shattered dreams...
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Tala can't forget the past. Cheveyo can't change it. As the dreams they shared linger, can they escape the encroaching nightmare before it's too late?

Bitter betrayals and hidden truths forge shattered dreams...

Cheveyo, the most powerful Magi in the Northwest Kyn, lives with one regret--walking away from Tala Whiteriver. When he is sent to broker an alliance with the Southwest Kyn, he recognizes his chance to rectify his mistake, but soon realizes the challenge may be more difficult than expected.

As the youngest Kyn to lead a house, Tala's a force to be reckoned with, but her role came at a steep price. When an unprovoked attack by the Southwest alpha threatens her position and forces her to face judgment, she finds an unexpected ally in the man who once claimed her heart.

A series of deadly events unfold with Tala firmly trapped in the center as tensions rise among the Southwest houses.Before she and Cheveyo can quell the approaching storm, they must untangle a treacherous plot and expose the architects of a devil's bargain designed to fracture the Kyn.

Will Cheveyo and Tala move beyond the confines of their positions and trust their hearts to forge new dreams before the impending nightmare sweeps them apart forever?

* * * *
Welcome to a world where the supernatural walks alongside humans, their existence kept secret behind the thinnest of veils. Now modern man's scientific curiosity is determined to rip that curtain aside, revealing the nightmares in the shadows.

"Fans of Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series and Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series will enjoy the introduction to the paranormal world created by Jami Gray." - Goodreads Reviewer

"Shadow's Dream was filled with the perfect balance of paranormal action, fight scenes, emotional turmoil, romance, character growth and twists (some more shocking than others)." -Amazon Reviewer

"I loved the paranormal aspect of the book. Jami Gray's imagination was in full force and vivid. It was action packed, with exciting and well written fight scenes and plenty of surprises." -Goodreads Reviewer

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Release date: January 7, 2019

Publisher: Celtic Moon Press

Print pages: 352

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