Ignition Point: Arcane Transporter Novella

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When a questionable, but lucrative delivery job takes an unexpected turn, will Rory survive the collision or crash and burn?

Rory Costas, Premier Transporter, has a plan for her future and the first step includes getting out from under her debt to the Arcane Guild. When an anonymous party offers a lucrative side job with shady details and a hefty paycheck, the professional implications of a successful delivery override her personal reservations.

The seemingly simple contract takes a challenging turn when two mercenary mage crews attempt to seize the package and permanently divert Rory's delivery. When she realizes her package is the ultimate prize in a lethal battle of magical heavyweights, she must choose between salvaging her reputation or her conscience.

With her reputation and life on the line, will Rory survive a hazardous delivery or end up buried under the wreckage?

Fast-track your way into a new urban fantasy series with the exhilarating Arcane Transporter prequel novella, IGNITION POINT.  Pick up your copy today and get ready for the ride of your life.

Welcome to the Arcane Transporter series.

Need to ensure your delivery, magical or otherwise, makes it to its destination? For guaranteed delivery, hire the best, Rory Costas, Arcane Transporter. (Not responsible for damage incurred in transit.)

"Taking a refreshing approach to fantasy magic, this fast-paced, economical thriller is told from a highly likable perspective."
--Virge B., Red Adept Editing, Proofreader


Release date: May 5, 2020

Publisher: Celtic Moon Press

Print pages: 74

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