Nameless - Sepia Blue Book 4

Nameless - Sepia Blue Book 4

Book 4: Sepia Blue
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Velos roams the streets, killing Hunters with his dark blade, Retribution, and taking their named blades. Sepia, with power of the Jade Demon and Perdition must stop him.

Except there’s one complication—the Nameless—the one sword designed to destroy all the others has been found and the Unholy want it.
Now, Sepia will tap into a new power she can barely control, face off against an enemy with greater power, and prevent the Unholy from getting a world-ending sword or die in the process.

Can Sepia face the forces of the gathering storm threatening to destroy everything she holds dear…and defeat them without releasing the beast lying within?

Release date: March 20, 2021

Publisher: Bitten Peaches Publishing

Print pages: 193

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