Murder in York: A Gabriella Hunt Cozy Mystery

Murder in York: A Gabriella Hunt Cozy Mystery

Dianne Harman Founding author
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When Ella treats Fiona, her sister-in-law, to a vacation in York, England, the last thing they expect is to become involved in a murder investigation. Plus, they both saw the victim and the murderer on the very first night they were in York.

When the Head of Tourism in York is murdered, the city fathers are afraid that it will affect tourism in the city, which the city’s economy is dependent on. The police make a quick arrest in order to assure tourists that they have nothing to fear when they come to York. It looks like the murder involved bribery and a civic scandal, and had nothing to do with tourists.

When Ella meets up with an old friend of hers, who is now an investigative journalist looking into the murder, Ella becomes involved. Her involvement soon turns to fear, because she’s certain the man she saw in the bar on the night the victim was killed is the hitman who killed her husband in Belize.

Was it just a coincidence? Or is something far more sinister afoot? That’s what Ella, the investigative journalist, and Fiona have to find out. But will they discover the truth before one of them becomes the hitman’s next victim?

This is the fifth book in the Gabriella Hunt Cozy Mystery Series by Andrew Thomas and Dianne Harman, a two-time USA Today Bestselling Author.

Release date: February 14, 2023

Print pages: 159

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