Winter Festival: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

Winter Festival: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

Dianne Harman Founding author
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"Winter Festival" is a captivating tale that weaves together the strands of loss, love, and a lingering mystery. Della, the protagonist, is haunted by the memory of her late husband, Seth, which leads to a surreal encounter with him in the form of a ghost in a dream, and it appears to her as if he never left. He warns her of impending danger and insists she keep Bryce, a close FBI friend of his, nearby—a request that tangles the past with the present.

As Della navigates the complexities of her emotions and the mystery surrounding Seth's message, she finds herself at the center of another troubling puzzle—the death of Clint Rogers, the chairman of the Winter Festival, a huge event in Clover, the small Ozark town where Della lives. Clint, known for his dislike of guns, is found dead in what initially appears to be a suicide. However, as Della delves deeper into the facts surrounding his death, the truth becomes murkier. Was Clint's death really self-inflicted, or is there a more sinister force at play in the seemingly tranquil town of Clover?

Balancing her personal grief and the growing sense of unease, Della becomes an unwitting detective, piecing together clues that lead her through a labyrinth of relationships, secrets, and hidden motives. From conversations with Clint's grieving family to interactions with his ex-wife and contentious Winter Festival committee members, Della uncovers a tapestry of small-town intrigue and resentments.

"Winter Festival" is more than a simple whodunit. It's a story of how the past holds onto us, how the unseen threads of our connections shape our present, and how sometimes, the most significant mysteries are the ones that reside within the human heart.

Release date: January 30, 2024

Print pages: 212

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