The Nosey Neighbor: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

The Nosey Neighbor: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

Dianne Harman Founding author
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In the quiet town of Clover, a year-old hit and run accident resurfaces, dragging Della into a whirlwind of mysteries and dark secrets. When the FBI sets its sights on the case involving Della's late husband, Seth, Della's sister, Sophia, arrives in town, determined to unearth the truth. Yet, as they delve deeper, another chilling case intertwines with their investigation.

James, a man disliked by everyone, dies in a suspicious car accident, and his stoic wife doesn’t shed a tear. Whispers of eerie sounds from their residence reach Della, leading Sophia to suspect a dark underbelly of domestic abuse. Yet, as they peel back the layers, they discover that James' enigmatic life holds secrets that even his wife wasn't privy to. Tensions at work, a violent altercation, and unsettling acquaintances - each revelation unravels more potential motives for James' untimely death.

As if the mystery surrounding James wasn't convoluted enough, his widow's newfound companion, a timely Samaritan, raises further suspicions. Did his sudden appearance and her husband’s equally sudden departure pave the way for a budding romance, or was it the result of a well-calculated plan?

Simultaneously, as Della grapples with the hit and run investigation, she stumbles upon a concealed facet of Seth's life. A hidden firearm forces Della to question everything she knew about her husband. Maybe she wasn't the only one married to a stranger.

Join Sophia and Della in this gripping tale of intertwined fates, masked truths, and dark secrets, where the past never truly remains buried. Sometimes, to find the truth, one must first uncover the lies closest to home.

Release date: August 31, 2023

Print pages: 190

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