Murdered Underground: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

Murdered Underground: The Ozarks Cozy Mystery Series

Dianne Harman Founding author
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Della's tranquil evening at a dinner party spirals into a chilling mystery when a corpse is discovered in the depths of a notorious cave, catapulting her into a dark investigation that rattles the serene Ozark Mountains.

A decade-old secret, hidden amidst the stalactites, beckons Della into a world where the echoes of illegal activities still linger. As she defies the pleading Sheriff Metcalf, who harbors his own secret — a burgeoning, protective affection for her — Della wrestles with the whispers of the past, a convict's tales, a lover's sorrow, and a sister's grief.

This cavern isn't just a tomb; it's a vault of dark secrets where every clue unearths shocking truths and perilous trails. Join Della as she navigates through veiled dangers, unearths buried truths, and confronts the stark realization that she might be entwining her fate with the very mysteries she seeks to unravel.

A tale of suspense, romance, and risk — Della's adventure unveils more than mysteries, revealing the enigma of the human heart amidst shadows.

Release date: April 28, 2023

Print pages: 177

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