Locker Nine

Locker Nine

Book 1: Locker Nine
Franklin Horton Founding author
A determined young woman and a psychopath living out his favorite video games.
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A determined young woman and a psychopath living out his favorite video games clash in the apocalyptic aftermath of a nationwide terror attack.

Grace's dad taught her survival, self-defense, and shooting, then sent her away to college hoping she'd never need those skills. All he wanted was to give her a fighting chance if the world fell apart.

Then it did.

Near the end of Grace’s freshmen year, coordinated terror attacks take place at dozens of locations around the country – including on the campus of Grace’s university.

Grace and her father barely have time for a single rushed phone call before they lose signal. Robert reminds Grace of the key he gave her when she left for school – the key that she never takes from around her neck.

She doesn’t know what it opens. She doesn’t know where the engraved numbers will lead her. All she knows is that her dad once told her this key could save her life.

With her roommate in tow, Grace embarks on a treacherous journey home and ends up in the crosshairs of another desperate traveler -- a seriously disturbed gamer who sees nothing but opportunity in a world that now resembles that of his favorite video games.

Release date: August 10, 2016

Publisher: Horsemen of the Apocalypse LLC

Print pages: 226

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