Lethal Contents

Lethal Contents

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A failed assassination, a kidnapped ally, and a treasonous scheme pit Rory and Zev against a devious enemy determined to watch Arcane society crash and burn.

After a bumpy start, Rory Costas, Arcane Transporter, is gaining professional traction while her personal journey with the sexy Zev Aslanov is accelerating at a thrilling pace. That is, until their date night is interrupted by a mercenary team of magical assassins. Their goal-- to derail the upcoming council hearing on the ill-fated Delphi project and its magic altering serum.

The assassination attempt leaves Zev stripped of his memories and Rory scrabbling to secure her fledgling alliances even as her mentor and employer, Sabella, disappears under mysterious and worrisome circumstances. Thrust into the resulting investigation, Rory dodges the hazards of her evolving magic and the unexpected exposure of long-buried family secrets as she speeds through the treacherous plots threatening to fracture Arcane society.

As she careens toward the finish line will Rory’s ability to hold the wheel steady be enough to keep her world from veering off the cliff, or will it shift her into uncharted territory?

Strap in for a wild ride with the duet narration of Stella Hunter and Connor Crais in this fast-paced conclusion of the Arcane Transporter series, an adrenaline-laced urban fantasy adventure!

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