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The Ixan Prophecies are coming true and the final prophecy predicts humanity’s downfall.
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The galactic order is unraveling

The Ixan Prophecies are coming true…

…and the final prophecy predicts humanity’s downfall.

Captain Keyes refuses to accept that. He’s managed to forge an uneasy alliance – at the cost of making some powerful enemies.

As public panic mounts, the human government ignores the true threat, instead choosing to wage war against a species that was recently an ally.

The real enemy is approaching. For Captain Keyes, there is only one real option:

Never say die.

Even if it means fighting fate itself.

Download Juggernaut today and dive into the story readers are calling "an action-packed military thrill ride."

Release date: February 22, 2017

Publisher: Mirth Publishing

Print pages: 427

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