Hot Hero for Hire: A Hot for Hire Romantic Comedy

Hot Hero for Hire: A Hot for Hire Romantic Comedy

Book : Hot For Hire
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He's a Hollywood heartthrob.
She's a cowgirl with an attitude.
Gasoline, meet fire.

"Jamey is all kinds of swoon-worthy"

I survived bouts with amateurs and pro fighters both in and out of the ring.
I survived the sharks, the divas and the paparazzi in Hollywood.
I survived the foster care system growing up in Chino.
But there's a good chance I won't survive this month.
What was I thinking signing a contract to play the lead in a western? A western! With horses!
My sexy AF instructor could make the required riding lessons enjoyable, if she didn't hate me on sight.
As it stands, the damn woman might actually be trying to kill me . . . and yet here I am, back for another lesson.
Men are trouble. Good looking bad boys are extra trouble.
That goes for my ex, and definitely for my new student, self-centered movie star Jamey Garret.
The man's messing with my head—I mean my herd.
If I weren't a single mom with dreams of something better, Mr. Heartthrob would be out of here.
But for the amount he's paying me to teach him to look as good on horseback as he does everywhere else, I can keep it professional for a month.
The disruption he brings to my life is only temporary. I know as fast as he appeared, he will move on to the next woman in a long line, and good riddance.
At least my head knows that. It's the rest of my body I'm having trouble convincing.

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Release date: March 12, 2019

Print pages: 209

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