Galaxy Man: A Campy Space Opera

Galaxy Man: A Campy Space Opera

To stop a dangerous smuggling operation, two adversaries from distant worlds must work together.
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If you are looking for a serious alien police procedural undercover romance, this is not it. This is the campiest, cheesiest romping excuse for a police procedural undercover romance that I have ever read, and as such it is hilarious! Thank you, Ms. Sams, for gifting me with gut-busting laughs at a time when I really needed them.
A.A. Lee
Amazon Reviewer
This was a great story, action, romance and bad guys. What more could you ask for - How about humor! I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!
Thomas C. Rasey
Amazon Reviewer
I'd expected a humorous book. However this is a pretty good science fiction action adventure mystery. It's also a pretty good romance novel for those who are inclined in that sort of Direction.
John Warren
Amazon Reviewer


"With whom must one fornicate to get out of this?"

In the distant future, Captain Keir Trask hunts dangerous weapon smugglers and has tracked them all the way to Earth. In order to bring these felons back to planet Lucent, he has quite reluctantly agreed to go undercover as a male beauty pageant contestant. The only problem is that the Earth Protectorate agent assigned to work with him is driving him crazy.

Captain Sagan Carter has orders to make sure her high-and-mighty alien counterpart completes all the requirements for the male beauty pageant serving as his cover; otherwise he's to be escorted to the nearest deportation area, never to return to Earth's surface.

All Keir wants is to arrest smugglers and go home.

To make the arrest and grab kudos for herself, Sagan forces Keir to keep assorted appointments including bikini waxes, facials and filming promo spots for...

'Pluto Pillow Mints...the mints that melt in your mouth and provide an orgasmic experience for your taste buds...'

It's a campy farce of high adventure!

Rating: Sensual

Genres: Paranormal romance, fantasy, futuristic romance, science fiction romance, space opera, action adventure romance, alien contact, police procedural, campy romance

Length: Full novel 400 + pages

Now a Cygnus Finalist for Best Science Fiction Novel.

Release date: March 22, 2016

Publisher: Candace Sams

Print pages: 457

Content advisory: Some sexual content, mostly romantic space action adventure

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Behind the book

In this enemies-to-friends epic space opera, an Earth operative and her Oceanus counterpart must stop dangerous smugglers from taking over all the allied planets. To do this, the Oceanus lawman must go undercovers as a contestant in a male beauty pageant.

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