Galaxy Cruise: Trial by Leisure

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Caught in the ultimate tourist trap

Exiled in a bizarre galaxy, Captain Leo MacGavin is desperate to find the mythical alien technology that will send his crew home. But when his crush on the ship’s hologram causes him to follow a shady lead, the Americano Grande is trapped by a pair of all-powerful space gods.

Duty-bound to protect their planet, these sexy centurions refuse to allow passage until the crew proves they are a harmless pleasure vessel. Fortunately, all they have to do is show their passengers a good time. Unfortunately, their passengers are a delegation of pregnant aliens with a conceited leader, xenophobic attitudes, and rapidly approaching due dates.

When one of the dreamy deities puts the moves on Leo’s love interest, can he set his feelings aside to save the ship? Can the crew satisfy the moody matriarch and escape the space prison with their lives? Or are they all doomed to fail this diabolical trial by leisure?

Galaxy Cruise: Trial by Leisure is the third madcap voyage of the cruise starship WTF Americano Grande, featuring nonsensical sporting events, parasitic potatoes, and a fish playing mind games with a plant. Join the adventure today!

Release date: April 26, 2022

Print pages: 276

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