Alexis vs. the Afterlife: A Rockin' Comedy with Magic and Monsters

Alexis vs. the Afterlife: A Rockin' Comedy with Magic and Monsters

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"Hart harnesses rebellious teen spirit and adolescent angst into a breezy, amusing story featuring satisfying character growth and impressive descriptions of place. This subversive fantasy will appeal to fans of cringe comedy."

-- Publisher's Weekly

Alexis is dead. But that won't stop her from becoming a hair-metal superstar.

When teen metalhead Alexis McRiott is killed in a freak accident, her ghost manifests unexplained magical powers. Thinking she can use them to resurrect herself to the rock-star life of her dreams, she kinda sorta accidentally releases an ancient evil bent on raising an army of poltergeists to slaughter the world of the living. Oops. Party foul.

Racing against the clock, Alexis teams with a badass Asian cowgirl and an overzealous medieval prince to learn the truth behind her mysterious powers and prevent a full-blown paranormal apocalypse. But can this foul-mouthed burnout charm the girl, save the world, and still prove she has what it takes to rock an arena show?

She doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

Rave reviews from Goodreads:

"If We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix was made into a straight-to-tv movie on the Disney Channel this is what would happen. I loved it!"

"It made me literally laugh out loud more than once. It was simply a fun romp, an escapist fantasy that left me wanting more."

"This was a hilarious, quick and enjoying read. If you need a break from dramatic, serious fiction, this is a great palate cleanser."

"Very fun, exciting, full of great comedic moments, laughs, and a truly great story overall."

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Release date: July 9, 2019

Print pages: 329

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