Forgotten Child: And the Beginning of the End, A Coming of Age Young Adult Suspense Thriller

Forgotten Child: And the Beginning of the End, A Coming of Age Young Adult Suspense Thriller

Book 2: Refton & Thomas
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A fast-paced, page-turning novel of secrets, assassins, and a romance that just won't quit from returning author of the Refton & Thomas series.

“Jay is missing!” Were the words that woke Lexie up late one night. Three months into their separate training to be spies and he vanishes without a word. Jay's sudden disappearance shocks Lexie and sets off a chain reaction of escalating events that no-one could have seen coming.

Except maybe someone did, in fact maybe everything was a set up from the beginning.

It turns out being spies is not as easy as everyone likes to think it is, especially when you haven't finished training. Long sleepless nights and being constantly active are the only constant staples in their new lives.

Joshua Kern returns with the thrilling new novel Forgotten Child. Forgotten Child is a new addition to the Young Adult Spy and Thrillers tradition of Sarah J. Maas, Marie Lu and Bella Forrest.

WARNING: “Forgotten Child” contains violence, attempted murder, actual murder, military-style raids, mass combat, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, destruction of private property, vandalism, breaking and entering, misleading of government officials, assault & battery, mayhem, people who aim to misbehave, teenage thugs, a smidgen of torture, and secrets that could destroy the known world.

Book Edited on 06/13/2020

Release date: September 17, 2018

Print pages: 257

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