Forged by Sacrifice: A Slow Burn, Political Romance

Forged by Sacrifice: A Slow Burn, Political Romance

Book 2: An Anchor Novel
What would you be willing to sacrifice for love?
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From award-winning author LJ Evans comes a breathtaking, roommates-to-lovers standalone romance between a driven military man and the law student he can’t afford to love…


“My heart enlarged at a thought I’d never had for a woman... I wanted to keep her.”

Leaving his Navy career behind, Mac Whittaker is ready to join his family on Capitol Hill and pursue the political dream he’s had since childhood. His goals are just within reach, and all he needs to complete them is a woman he adores at his side.

Georgie Astrella is just getting her life back on track after putting aside her own goals for years. She isn’t looking for love, a man, or anything that might deviate her from her given course again. She plans on losing herself in the law and nothing else.

After sharing an intoxicating kiss at their friends’ beach-house while on vacation, Mac and Georgie run in opposite directions. Neither can afford mere attraction to shift their futures.

But Fate has other ideas, throwing them together until neither can walk away without losing a piece of their souls.

When her family’s past promises to make his future an impossibility, they’ll have to decide just what they’re willing to sacrifice for love.

Inspired by Lewis Capaldi’s “Bruises,” comes a friends-to-lovers, military romance about dreams and family with vibrant characters on an emotional journey you won’t want to miss.


Also available in The Anchor Novels: The Military Brothers box set with an exclusive novella.

Release date: October 22, 2019

Publisher: LJ Evans Books

Print pages: 447

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Behind the book

Mac and Georgie came to life in Guarded Dreams, and as soon as they met, I knew they had to have their own happily ever after. Georgie is strong, with just enough of a chip on her shoulder that she isn't going to let anyone make her feel bad about her family or her life. Mac is all about family. His family in the military as much as his political one. They seem like they shouldn't fit, and yet they fit perfectly.

Like all the characters in my books, Mac and Georgie have to learn to live life resiliently. To take the challenges and successes that life throws at them, embed it into their souls, and become a newer, different version of themselves.

I hope you read Forged by Sacrifice and love it as much as I loved writing it.

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