Coming Home

Coming Home

Cami searches for a family connection and comes to realize how complicated love and family can be.
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"Coming Home is a winner. The characters are well-developed, nuanced and likable. Enjoyed the vineyard setting, learning about wine growing and seeing the challenges Cami faces in running and growing a business. I look forward to the next book in this series!”


Families can be complicated…

Camilla “Cami” Chandler comes home from France to take over the Chandler Hill Inn and Winery for her recently deceased grandmother, Lettie, as she’d always promised. Determined to succeed in this new venture, she finds herself in trouble from the beginning when she discovers most of her grandmother’s estate intended for maintaining the inn and its business expenses was lost in a Ponzi scheme. She forges ahead to provide her guests with wonderful experiences and to produce the best wines in Willamette Valley. After being ditched by her French boyfriend, she decides that being friends with Drew Farley is the safest way to proceed. He loves grape growing and winemaking as much as she does and isn’t looking for anything beyond friendship.

When a bride planning a wedding at the inn tells Cami that she looks exactly like her best friend, life becomes even more complicated. Never having known even the name of her father, Cami searches for a connection and comes to realize how complicated love and family can be.

A love story of a family with heart… Be sure to listen to or read the other books in the series: Going Home and Home at Last.

Release date: October 8, 2019

Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

Print pages: 314

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Coming Home
Judith Keim
Angela Dawe
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