Cappuccino Criminal

Cappuccino Criminal

Tonya Kappes Founding author
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In the quaint town of Honey Springs, the Bean Hive Coffee Shop is the heart and soul of the community, and its vivacious owner, Roxy Bloom, is always ready to serve up a steaming cup of java with a side of gossip. But when a brewing storm of real estate treachery ends with the cold-blooded murder of a local agent, Roxy finds herself in the thick of a frothy whodunit that’s anything but decaffeinated.

The victim, a hotshot real estate agent, had been spearheading a massive development project that went sour after an intrepid environmentalist unearthed a reason for the town to put the kibosh on the plan. Now, with the town’s picturesque charm drawing tourists in droves, Roxy must grind through a list of suspects as long as a coffee bean’s journey from farm to cup.

From double-shot deceptions to espresso intrigues, Roxy’s quest to unmask the Cappuccino Criminal will plunge her deep into the dark heart of Buzz Springs’ seedy underbelly. As she sifts through a muddy mixture of secrets, lies, and steamed milk, Roxy will have to rely on her wit, intuition, and the help of her loyal friends to solve the mystery before it boils over and scalds them all.

In this steamy, cozy mystery with a frothy blend of suspense and humor, the stakes have never been higher—or the coffee stronger. It’s time for Roxy Bloom to pull the perfect shot and catch the Cappuccino Criminal before their next bitter brew leaves someone else in the grinder. So, curl up with a cup of your favorite beverage, and join Roxy in this un-put-downable tale of murder, mystery, and macchiatos.

Release date: May 25, 2023

Publisher: Tonya Kappes Books

Print pages: 200

Reader says this book is...: action-packed (2) red herrings (1) satisfying ending (2) unexpected twists (2) entertaining story (3) escapist/easy read (2) quirky supporting cast (2) realistic characters (2) terrific writing (1) unputdownable (2) female sleuth (1)

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