Written in Blood: A Claudia Rose Novel

Written in Blood: A Claudia Rose Novel

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Hollywood forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose is about to prove once more that no matter what words it forms, a pen will always write the truth. Claudia Rose's latest client, the widow of a rich older man, is hated by her stepchildren, who are dead set on proving that she forged their father's signature on his will. He left his entire estate, including the Sorensen Academy, to his young wife. Intrigued by this real-life soap opera, Claudia soon breaks one of the cardinal rules of business: Never get personally involved. But when she grows attached to a troubled Sorensen student, disaster strikes, she quickly realizes that reading between the lines can mean the difference between life and death.

Release date: March 9, 2021

Publisher: Write Choice Ink

Print pages: 314

Content advisory: Some profanity

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