Poison Pen: A Claudia Rose Novel

Poison Pen: A Claudia Rose Novel

Forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose investigates the death of a publicist and finds herself entangled in
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Sheila Lowe “wins readers over with her well-developed heroine and the wealth of fascinating detail” (Booklist) in this captivating mystery set in Hollywood, where forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose knows that despite the words it forms, a pen will always write the truth.

Can handwriting be faked to make murder look like suicide? That is the question facing forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose. When powerful Hollywood agent Lindsey Alexander is found dead, police are all too willing to believe it's Lindsey's handwriting on the scrap of paper they're calling a suicide note. But not everyone is ready to accept this easy conclusion. Claudia knows first-hand the publicist's ruthlessness and cruelty, so when Lindsey's business associate begs her to prove the suicide note a fake, her instincts scream at her to run the other way. She hasn't forgotten how it felt to be humiliated by the best. But Ivan leans hard, and when she accepts the case, Claudia becomes trapped in a far darker scenario than she bargained for.

Release date: February 22, 2021

Publisher: Write Choice Ink

Print pages: 332

Content advisory: some profanity

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Poison Pen: A Claudia Rose Novel
Sheila Lowe
Anna Crowe
9 hrs and 57 mins
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March 26, 2021
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Behind the book

Poison Pen was my first mystery. I didn't know that it would soon be the first of the Forensic Handwriting Mysteries series. Claudia Rose's handwriting examination practice mirrors my own, but she's not me (she's much braver--or, should that be more foolhardy?). 

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