Proof of Life, Beyond the Veil Mysteries

Proof of Life, Beyond the Veil Mysteries

Jessica Mack is forced to use her supernatural gifts to help find missing 4-year-old Ethan Starkey.
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Since recovering from amnesia five years ago, Jessica Mack has done her best to ignore the voices that plague her from the spirit world. But when FBI agent Zach Smith wants her to use her “gift” to find an abducted four-year-old, she is forced to listen. Time is running out as Jessica, and Sage Boles, a man with a mysterious past, are guided by the voices to a seance, where they hope to get clues to the child's whereabouts.

Release date: April 20, 2021

Publisher: Write Choice Ink

Print pages: 304

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Proof of Life, Beyond the Veil Mysteries
Sheila Lowe
Anna Crowe
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April 21, 2020
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Behind the book

When my daughter was killed by her boyfriend in 2000, I needed to know what happens next. It was a great comfort to learn that there is life after earth and the people we love are still very much involved with us. In 2017 I realized that I needed to write a book about a young woman who discovers she can communicate with the so-called dead. And then I realized that young woman was Jessica from my book, What She Saw.  And then, I was told by three different mediums that my daughter, Jennifer, would be channeling the book through me. 

And, she did. 

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