Wild Irish Renegade

Wild Irish Renegade

Tricia O'Malley Founding author
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Maybe all the stories in the magazines weren’t true…

Niamh Kearney has one goal in life – to finish out her schooling so she can help children with extra-sensory abilities like her own. Niamh leads a private life, and only her closest friends and family knew of the secrets she holds. When a handsome and very famous rugby player stumbles his way into her life – quite literally, that is – it only takes one date for Niamh to determine that she can never have a future with this man. Celebrity magazines, flashy cars, and fancy restaurants hold zero interest for Niamh.

William “Mac” MacGregor is Ireland’s darling and a favorite of the gossip magazines. As a star rugby player, he is constantly followed by paparazzi and lives his life in the limelight. Not that he particularly enjoys the attention. Mac’s difficult past, and his own deeply buried secrets, makes him cautious about letting anyone get too close. Until he meets Niamh that is. Instantly taken with the warmth in her eyes, her instinct to nurture, and the sense of rightness he feels when he’s with her – Mac must convince Niamh to look past his reputation and to see him for who he really is.

Release date: March 1, 2022

Publisher: Lovewrite Publishing

Print pages: 235

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