A Good Soul

A Good Soul

Tricia O'Malley Founding author
Be whisked away to magickal Siren Island where a mermaid discovers that sometimes love comes around twice.
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In the sixth book in this much-loved series, Tricia O'Malley whisks you away to magickal Siren Island where a mermaid discovers that sometimes love comes around twice. Irma’s life has been defined by tragedy – one which the legends of Siren Island will never let her forget. Because of this, she’s learned that taking a chance on love isn’t worth the high cost that comes with it. Instead, Irma contents herself with the simple pleasures in life – running her guesthouse, spending time with her girls, and swimming in the Caribbean-blue waters each day. However, when a handsome Australian with a mysterious past shows up at The Laughing Mermaid, Irma’s understanding of the world shatters. Ezra has settled into an easy life of bachelorhood, preferring to travel and focus on his one goal – uniting the Mer tribes of the world. Freedom, flexibility, and following his own whims are things he values most and he lives his life exactly as he pleases. But it only takes one note of Irma’s siren song to entrance him and now he only has one goal in mind – how to make this luscious siren his own. Now, despite Ezra’s irresistible charms, Irma still feels like she must guard her heart. Will she be able to let down her walls and risk it all for love – one more time?

Release date: November 9, 2021

Publisher: Lovewrite Publishing

Print pages: 246

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