Waiting a Lifetime

Waiting a Lifetime

From the moment he laid eyes on her, Wade knew Melissa was the one, but fate had other plans...
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From the moment he laid eyes on her, Wade knew Melissa was the one, but fate had other plans...

Wade Walker thought he had his life all figured out until he met Melissa Ryan. Shy didn't begin to describe Melissa. Robbed of the full use of her legs following a car accident at an early age, Melissa always felt her disability was an insurmountable disadvantage when it came to the dating game. However, Wade was both intrigued and persistent. It seems that despite all her efforts to avoid it, love had found her. But was it too little too late? Wade's ex girlfriend refuses to let go, and fate conspires to keep them apart leading to tragedy one stormy night. Love, as they say, is patient, but can it wait a lifetime?

  • "From the moment I began reading I knew I that this was going to be a very emotional read. WAITING A LIFETIME is a beautiful story about two persons who were destined to be together. It shows that love is so powerful that it transcends time and that no matter the challenges faced, if two souls are meant to be, nothing can keep them apart."  Rated a MUST READ ~ The Romance Reviews
  • "The story takes a twist that leaves you experiencing an array of emotions. I was mad to crying to happy." ~ Reader Review
  • "Ms. Gwynn makes the reader feel as if they are in the story, feeling every joy or sorrow, and holding our breaths with every turn." ~ Reader Review

Release date: May 13, 2015

Publisher: M.E. Gwynn Publications

Print pages: 128

Content advisory: 18+ for Mild Language

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