The Suicide Sonata: A Scott Drayco Mystery

The Suicide Sonata: A Scott Drayco Mystery

Can a piece of music be cursed?
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When synesthete Scott Drayco's piano career was cut short years ago after a violent carjacking, he thought all that was behind him. He'd had success since then as an FBI agent and private crime consultant, applying his unique insights to complex and seemingly unsolvable cases. The past was the need to dwell on what could never be.

But now a young marine biologist is dead, seemingly of suicide. Found with his body is a mysterious song—the same song linked to a piano sonata that led to a wave of suicides in 1930s Hungary. And the case may also be linked to Drayco's beloved piano teacher who died around the same time as Drayco's carjacking.

As Drayco digs deeper, he finds more unusual aspects of the case not easily explained: the victim's missing cellphone; his “Gang of Five” friends and their interest in the Akashic Records spiritual philosophy; and the gun used by the victim that was mysteriously stolen from a friend's car.

Drayco fears a tragic incident from his own musical past may be clouding his judgment. After all, the facts point to suicide, case closed. But when Drayco starts suffering from depression himself after playing the sonata, can he be certain of what's real and what's imagined? And can he prevent even more tragedy before it's too late?

Release date: October 29, 2019

Publisher: Crimetime Press

Print pages: 311

Content advisory: mild violence, language, and sexual references

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