Melody of Murder: A Scott Drayco Mystery

Melody of Murder: A Scott Drayco Mystery

How would you solve your own kidnapping? And what if the motive is stranger than you can imagine?
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How would you solve your own kidnapping? And what if the reason behind it was even stranger than you could imagine?
When detective Scott Drayco is abducted and given a mysterious puzzle to solve, his predicament is bizarre enough. But after he's released and one of his kidnappers is killed—a man who allegedly died five years ago—what began as a puzzling situation turns into an even stranger quest. 

Who was the mastermind behind the kidnapping, and what were their real motives? Was the death of the one kidnapper an accident ... or murder? And how did it all tie into Drayco's abduction? 

Meanwhile, Drayco's father, Brock, has a new girlfriend with a shady background, and the timing of the relationship feels far too coincidental. When an even shadier connection also appears to be involved in Drayco’s abduction, the stakes become deeply personal. 

Feeling stymied at every turn and unable to get a song the dead man was obssess

Release date: June 30, 2022

Publisher: Crimetime Press

Print pages: 281

Content advisory: mild violence, language, and sexual references

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