Requiem for Innocence: A Scott Drayco Mystery

Requiem for Innocence: A Scott Drayco Mystery

Mysterious attacks on disabled victims pulls PI Scott Drayco into a tangled web of secrets, lies, and murder.
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"Offers a refreshing take on the traditional private-eye detective narrative."
Publishers Weekly Book Prize


A mysterious attack on a young, disabled girl leads to a sea of lies, secrets, and murder.

Crime consultant Scott Drayco is in the middle of a thorny case in Washington, D.C., involving murder victims who were all wheelchair users. Then out of the blue, he gets a worried call from a friend on Virginia's Eastern Shore about an attack on an innocent disabled girl.

Working once again with Sheriff Sailor and Deputy Nelia Tyler, Drayco discovers almost everyone believes the girl's attack was an accident. But he begins to suspect otherwise when he crosses paths with a badly disfigured man and the man's enigmatic Goth son, as well as one of the smoothest and most dangerous figures Drayco has encountered in his career.

Meanwhile, his conflicted feelings toward the soon-to-be-divorced town councilman's wife, Darcie Squier, continue to simmer under the surface and threaten to undermine his focus and cloud his judgment. But he's well aware he needs to stay razor-sharp if he's to solve the riddle of whether the cases in D.C. and the Eastern Shore are linked—or is he dealing with not one monster, but two?

“Offers a refreshing take on the traditional private-eye detective narrative.” - Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize

Release date: April 19, 2015

Publisher: Crimetime Press

Print pages: 292

Content advisory: mild violence, language, and sexual references

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