The Realms

The Realms

Book 2: Kingdom of Fae
Angel Lawson Founding author
Mine. That one word changed my life.
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That one word changed my life.

Liam Caldwell, Sidhe Guardian, claimed I was his mate. I couldn't deny there was something electric between us.

But I do know that I don't trust him.

He knew too much and won't tell me the truth about the people hunting me or what was on the other side of the gate--who lived on the other side of the realm.

But Liam wasn't only one taking an interest in me. My newfound freedom opened up a new world. 

A world Liam didn't want me to see.

The Realm: Kingdom of Fae is book two in a new novella series by Angel Lawson. This is a M/F romance between one sexy Fae and one female.

Kingdom of Fae:

The Guardian

The Realm

The Lost Queen

The Union

Release date: February 17, 2020

Print pages: 95

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