The Guardian: Kingdom of Fae

The Guardian: Kingdom of Fae

Book 1: Kingdom of Fae
Angel Lawson Founding author
He was sent to protect her. She held a power she didn’t understand.
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He was sent to protect her.

She held a power she didn't understand.

I'd spent the first twenty years of my life following my overprotective father's rules, working at the family business, fighting the urge to rebel. After my mother's death, he couldn't handle losing me, too.

I did what I was asked, killing time by reading my horoscope and obsessing on the hot guy that came in every day, but all that changed the day of the accident. When I touched him and the vision flooded my senses. That's when I learned Liam Caldwell wasn't just a mysterious, handsome man.

He was more.

And when we touched, I discovered that I was more, too.

Unfortunately, Liam wasn't the only one I was tied to, and they were coming for me, dead or alive.

The Guardian: Kingdom of Fae is book one in a new novella series by Angel Lawson. This is a M/F romance between one sexy Fae and one female.

Kingdom of Fae:

The Guardian

The Realm

The Lost Queen

The Union

Release date: January 28, 2020

Print pages: 95

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