The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Double Envelopment

The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Double Envelopment

Even after a personal tragedy, Major Chris Patterson throws himself into his duty in the Vietnam War
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Another Brick in the Wall for the Jackson MacKenzie stories

Chris Patterson and Jackson MacKenzie were friends. But then Jackson was declared an enemy within the military(!) itself due to nefarious developments beyond his control. Meanwhile Chris deals with his own PTSD and getting sober while trying to help his friend on the QT. It becomes a game of cat and mouse with Chris having to strategize how to best walk the line and not be obvious about where his true heart landed. Kara, Chris' wife, serves as an excellent source of
The Uptown Writer


Release date: August 5, 2022

Publisher: 1st Battalion Publishing

Print pages: 171

Content advisory: Strong language dealing with war situations.

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