The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Duty, Honor, and Courage

The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Duty, Honor, and Courage

Danger threatens not only Colonel Jackson MacKenzie and his friends but the American way of life.
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Taught me more than I expected

Angel Giacomo has done it again with this book in the Jackson MacKenzie series. He once again proved to me that there is a sanctity to military life formulated in men and women grounded in same. I learned many things in this book such as a fresh regard for respect and harmony among humans as social creatures. Jackson's life as chronicled in THIS book concerns some of his latter years, where he begins to wind down and seek peace. However, a villain keeps cropping up, trying to thwart him from his
The Uptown Writer


Release date: January 2, 2022

Publisher: 1st Battalion Publishing

Print pages: 279

Content advisory: Strong language dealing with war situations.

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