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I'm many things. And had many different careers. My life has been a learning experience for over 50 years. I have been a bomb dog handler. Lackland AFB is not a place I think of fondly, but I loved my dog. He was smart, too smart. I have loaded cargo planes on the cargo ramp. Sat at a computer entering data. Washed dishes at a restaurant and sacked groceries.

I have attended FEMA classes in Terrorism, Suicide bombers, and Nuclear/Biological. I have handled explosives, shot different weapons, from the M1 Garand to the AR-15, and many different pistols.

I am a college graduate with a BA in Political Science and History. I have always been a history buff on WWII. The P-51 Mustang and F4U Corsair are my favorite planes of WWII. Many people in my family have served. My father, step-father, step-brother, two great uncles, and many, many friends.

I am a musician. Marching band, Jazz band, Concert band - loved them all. That was my life for many years. I lived to play music. Even did it for a President many years ago as a member of a band.

I have done work in my house. Many times learning it as I go. I can and do DIY. My kitchen turned out nice as I figured out how to refinish the cabinets.

I love to travel. Been to Europe - places like Italy. My favorite place there. Pompeii. That is an incredible place. Eerie and exciting at the same time in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. I love to visit Navy ships. Especially battleships. I have seen the Alabama, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri. And of course, Pearl Harbor. Traveling by car is the best. The ability to stop at anything.

My experience is across a wide range of things. A jack of many trades and master of none. Or maybe a few.

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The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles

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