The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Broken Valor

The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Broken Valor

Everything Harry worked for is gone. Gone like his foot in a nighttime mortar attack. Gone like his career.
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"The verbiage and the descriptions of how it actually was in Nam was amazing for someone that was not actually there. Indicates a lot of time and research. I just read it and could not put it down. At last a happy ending !!!"
William B. Fuller, Sergeant, 5th Battalion, 7th Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division - Vietnam - 1968/69
US Army
This installment of the Jackson MacKenzie series focuses on the ordeals of one of its principal characters, Army Major Harry Russell after he suffers a debilitating combat injury in Vietnam. While struggling to recover from the loss of his left foot, Harry also takes on the challenge of helping his best friend – Lieutenant Colonel Jackson MacKenzie, falsely charged with treason.

The book is a flashback that fills in the backstory for one of the MacKenzie series supporting characters, Major Harry Russell. The period setting is the
Peter Young
Military Writers Society of America


Release date: October 10, 2021

Publisher: 1st Battalion Publishing

Print pages: 155

Content advisory: Strong language dealing with war situations.

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