The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Brothers In Arms

The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles: Brothers In Arms

SGT "Mikey" Roberts finds more horror than he expected and learns more about life than he ever wanted to know.
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"Just finished your book. I think it's great. Don't change a thing. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't put it out there. And good luck."
Robert A. Soles, Specialist 4th Class, 14th Inventory Control Company - Vietnam 1966/67
US Army
"I have stopped for a day or so. Started bringing back memories!! Ugh! enjoy it just was reading it all at once! Thanks for sharing it with me! Anyone who really wants to know how it truly was can get a real down-to-earth picture from your book...I have finished the first book and I loved it from a Vietnam veteran's perspective! I was 11B40 a infantry grunt and it really gets me as far as being realistic! The verbiage and the descriptions of how it actually was in Nam was amazing for someone that was not actually there. Indicates a
William B. Fuller, Sergeant, 5th Battalion, 7th Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division - Vietnam - 1968/69
US Army
Angel Giacomo’s Brothers in Arms is a nail-biting installment in the Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles. Lieutenant Colonel Jackson MacKenzie is a legend. Starting his military career as a scared 17-year-old grunt in Korea, he has risen through the ranks to be a Special Forces field grade officer. Never one to sit behind a desk, he leads from the front, moving through the jungle with his team of silent, lethal predators.

Staff Sergeant “Mikey” Roberts is new to Special Forces. After his first tour in Vietnam working at a field hospital,
Rob Ballister
Military Writers Society of America



Release date: September 23, 2021

Publisher: 1st Battalion Publishing

Print pages: 162

Content advisory: Strong language dealing with war situations.

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