The Infernal Regions

The Infernal Regions

Ryan Schow Founding author
Think you know the apocalypse? Think again.
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With thousands of copies sold and millions of pages read in this series, The Infernal Regions is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that’s perfect for fans of Jack Hunt, Ryan Westfield, Harley Tate and Mike Kraus.

Think you know the apocalypse? Think again. Get ready for a post-apocalyptic EMP survival series like no other!

Reeling from the events in The Ophidian Horde, this battered faction of survivors struggle to coexist in the hope of finding safety in a community. The Ophidian Horde is pitiless and resourceful, however, and now they have a name and a target: Indigo. The McNamara’s suffered grievous injury, and now Cincinnati must not only tend to her own injuries, but to those of her family as well. Not all afflictions are the same, though. Whether it’s a bullet hole or a broken heart, a teenage crush or a desperation to belong, the fall of civilization will draw out both the best and the worst of those closest to her, a painful truth Cincinnati is quickly coming to terms with.

Blindsided by a drone attack at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, TX, nothing matters more to Marine Pilot Jagger Justus than getting home to Lenna and the boys. But a young girl with hostage scars and a bleak future will change everything. Jagger must save a life at the risk of his own, but whose life is really being saved? And can he find his family in the midst of a city bogged down by wide-scale destruction? This death-defying journey from Texas to San Francisco will exact a brutal toll, one not everyone will survive.

The fourth installment of The Last War series unites a new set of survivors in this hard-hitting post-apocalyptic survival series. No one truly knows how a nuclear EMP will affect society, but one thing remains true: humans are unpredictable animals capable of great violence and profound love. Strap yourself in for another action-packed, roller coaster ride through the dark side of the apocalypse.

***This is the revised edition to take care of a few pesky errors! – 8.21.18***

Release date: March 19, 2018

Publisher: River City Publishing

Print pages: 312

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