The F List: A Celebrity Romance

The F List: A Celebrity Romance

She has 20M followers but only wants the attention of one person: him.
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"Romantic and bittersweet, full of secrets and apparent betrayals, brilliantly paced, and as the pages flew, increasingly enthralling."
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Two of the world's most famous people can't stand - or stay away from - each other. 

Take a poor girl - me.
Give her a million dollars and a chance to reinvent herself and you end up with her - Emma Blanton. A quasi-celebrity chasing fame, fortune, and one freakishly pathetic crush on Cash Michell.

Take a rich guy - him.
Give him the perfect life plus heartbreakingly good looks and you have him - Cash Mitchell. A social media stud who has been my arch-nemesis since the first time I made the tabloids.

The entire world knew of our rivalry and had taken sides.

Thank God none of them knew our secrets.

Release date: April 27, 2020

Print pages: 290

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