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The Carmel Sheehan Series

Jean Grainger Founding author
Genres: General Fiction
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From Book 1:

USA Today Bestselling Author Jean Grainger wants to take you to Ireland...

Carmel is lost. Sharif is searching. Neither knows the full truth.

Carmel Sheehan was abandoned as a baby and left in the care of an Irish convent. Though they were not cruel, life with the nuns was lonely and isolating. Nobody ever adopted her, so when the time came to leave Trinity House, she was terrified, and jumped at the chance to get a family of her own through a marriage to man she barely knew.

But Bill wasn’t who he seemed, and having his horrible sister Julia as a constant looming presence made a bad situation even worse. 

Then a Facebook message from a man claiming to know more about her past than she knew herself changed everything. What would make the nuns at Trinity House lie about her history? Could Carmel risk the only life she’s known to find out?

What reviews are saying:

'I love Carmel, she's warm and funny and you find yourself rooting for her every step of the way. I don't do misery, and this book is not like those sad Irish childhood books, it's uplifting and intriguing with characters you really care about and a plot that twists and turns in all sorts of ways.' 

'I cried, and I laughed, Carmel is a modern heroine, flawed and damaged but resilient and strong.'

'Move over Maeve Binchy, Jean's writing has those elements Maeve had, warmth, fun with an poignant edge, I enjoyed the whole series.'


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