Letters of Freedom

Letters of Freedom

Jean Grainger Founding author
Carmel, a forty year old Irish woman is living a life that’s fine, not exciting or awful, just fine.
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Carmel, a forty-year-old Irish woman, is living a life that’s fine, not exciting or awful, just fine. She has a house, a husband, it’s all ok. She never had kids, but that’s just life, right? She knows she should be grateful. She’s better off than a lot of people.

Then one day, out of the blue, she gets a Facebook message from a total stranger. With the information that could transform her life, for better or for much worse. It could be a scam. It could be malicious. It could be a crazy person.

But what if what they say is true?

Her finger hovers over the screen. Delete or reply?

Release date: January 29, 2016

Print pages: 342

Reader says this book is...: emotionally riveting (1) historical elements (1) plot twists (1) realistic characters (1) tearjerker (1) terrific writing (1) thought-provoking (1) tragic (1)

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Jean Grainger
Siobhan Waring
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